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Established in 1981, we perform all kinds of work with polyurethane. With the use of spray equipment we are able to insulate accumulatortanks, pipes, warehouses, campervans and houseboats.

We also insulate attics, floors and walls in residential houses. Isopol uses high quality spray and ridgid foam for the nordic climate. Polyurethane insulation is twice as efficient as mineral wool, creating air tight and seamless environment. Foam insulation  is favourable compared to regular insulation-materials, which would be to bulky or sag through the years. Isopol also performs injection moulds and elastomer coating, both hard and soft.

Polyurea is the material for the future. It will react in seconds or over night  and have endless possibilites as lining and coating against weather, water or prevent oxidation. It has great mechanical performance, flexible, UV-stability suitable for ships, iron-constructions, parking-decks, chemical industry and theme parks.


What is polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane foam is a cellular material formed by reacting two liquids, a polyol (an alcohol) with diisocynate/polymeric isocyanate. A wide range of polyols and diisocyanate can produce a broad spectrum of materials to meet the needs of challenging problems and specific applications.

Polyurethane exist in many forms and shapes such as ridgid foams, flexible sealants, coatings and adhesives. Polyurethane is used every were humans live and it´s closer than we think. Flexible foams as an cushioning material in furniture/matresses. Automotive manufacturers use it for bumpers, seats, spoilers and so on. Electronics, toys, marine environment and medical applications are other areas were polyurethane are used.

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